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> ERCK - a quick and cost effective method to receive your tax refund. Once your refund is received, our bank will deduct all applicable fees and then we will print a cashier's check payable to you.

We know you have options when choosing a tax professional, and we want to thank you for your business!

You can  ALSO choose your electronic refund product. "Tax refund product fees apply".

We take pride in our suite of quality products. All product selections are from trusted brands and can be delivered to you within 2 business days of IRS release.

If you have any questions, would like to get a quote or simple to acknow-
ledge satisfaction with your options, please contact us.   

> ERDD - similar to ERCK except, when your refund is released, we deduct all applicable fees and disburse the proceeds to your personal checking or savings account through Automated Clearing House (ACH) direct deposit.
 > ERDC - works like an ATM/debit card. All applicable fees are deducted, (remaining cash) "net" is loaded onto the card. Can be used Nationwide at ATMs or to make purchases at stores that accept American Express or VISA debit cards. {Read more... AMEX ATMs Locator   VISA }
 > Our state products extend anywhere in the Continental United States.  Proceeds are available with the same options as federal refunds in as little as 2 days after release from your State filed return. If you select a check disbursement, both the federal and state refund are processed as checks. 
QuickBooks Reporting
Taxpayer Support 
"where is my refund?"

Check refund status with 

1. Call toll-free automated service  - V.E.R.A.*  

2.  Login
 -  V.E.R.A.*

3.  Call toll-free Customer Service Center (866) 876-6648 and talk to our customer service experts.

4.  Receive a text message directly 
to your phone when your refund is ready. (carrier fee may apply).

*V.E.R.A (Voice Electronic Refund Assistant) cards provided with phone # and instructions).

Quality and Client Satisfaction are top priorities.
> Financial Representation 
reported using QuickBooks. Allows you to collaborate journal entry transactions. Acting as your guide to ensure we're on the same page.

 We want to inform you about an important change at the IRS that impacts all of us. The IRS has stopped providing information to tax  preparers and  banks that was used in the offering of (RALs) refund anticipation loans. As a result of this change at the IRS, the above  Electronic Refund Products are 
 offered.  Electronic Refund Products are not a loan. However, there are many advantages when you  select an Electronic Refund Product:  

 ALL "Electronic Refund Products" are subject to the following RIGHTS and DISCLOSURES:

  • You have a right to choose - RT (Refund Transfer)
  • Consent To Use of Tax Return Information
  • Consent To Disclosure of Tax Return Information

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